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(of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.
(chiefly in historical or literary contexts) a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized.
urban definitions
1 {adjective}: An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.
2 {noun}: A person who often displays savage behaviour according to the above definition
The Queen of Savages Website is a source for those who wish to return to their roots, wherever those roots may be! Here we honor our ancestors, and here we have just what you need to get you started on your way or to help you acquire new skills and hobbies. We'd love to be able to cater to all types of interesting traditional cultures, please feel free to contact us at queen@queenofsavages.com if you have an interesting traditional recipe or culture that you think should be showcased here.
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