You might be wondering why the site tagline says 'Where All the Mess Lives'. Let me clue you in on the why's of it all first.

     My life is not a perfectly staged photo on Pinterest or found on a page of Home and Gardens magazine, it's messy. I have a toddler boy, a husband, two dogs, and my mom living in the house with me. As you can imagine the floor needs to be mopped about 300 times a day but my life is not set up like that. Some of our blankets have tears bitten in them by our Pitt/Mix Hercules, who likes to chew on them in his sleep. Sometimes our son climbs into bed and goes to sleep on his own which is a miracle at one and a half years old but he usually takes off his diaper before he climbs into bed and sometimes, no I don't wake him up to put a diaper back on him because I want to sleep too plus I'm washing clothes tomorrow so if he pees the bed I can easily just toss the bedclothes in too. I idolize having a perfectly done budget and save 50% of our income like those great bloggers out there that also claim to make five figures every month working at home while taking care of little ones and a man. I don't have a meal plan for my German Shepherd Kodiak and the aforementioned Hercules, or my toddler, or me, or my husband or anyone really. I rarely ever have a weekly menu, and when I do I usually don't stick to it for more than a few days.

     The point is that no one wrote a manual on how to adult properly. Yeah, you've heard that if you don't have an iron or time to iron then hang your shirt up in the shower and turn that b*itch all the way up. But no one taught us how many numbers really belong at the bottom of your tax forms. We have no idea what to do when Hercules starts puking up pieces of window blinds, or when he chews the shoelaces from our work shoes the night before we have to go to work. What do you do when you buy a harmless looking lamp from the thrift store and plug it in the wall and it sparks and then none of the electricity works in the second story of your house? What kind of kids toys do you buy when you've only got $40 to your name but you don't want to plop your kid in front of the TV all day? How do you meet and work with other mommy friends but not deal with any of the implicit drama? If your credit score is so low that it would make a homeless person blush, but you have no idea what to do about it or even how it got that way where do you begin? How do you get your first place to not look like a college dorm that was slapped together with a couple hundred bucks and a favor from your friend with a pickup? What is the actual beginning of a garden like and how can you even garden in a rental?

     I've got the answers to some of those questions, others I'm just going through the struggle of getting to the answers just like you, and still others are things that I haven't even remotely begun figuring out how to even approach. Everything on this blog is going to be the result of trial and error on my part and hopefully my mistakes will save you some.

     There isn't a manual for navigating the mess, but I think I can attempt to make a comprehensive guide one post at a time.